With a heavy heart I must announce this site's closure. Truth is, I no longer have time to update it consistently, & I'm not sure how to write a privacy policy.


You can view what I wrote for this site here:*/


I like, no love, the idea of a personal website, but I'm afraid the time passed long ago. Websites are subject to many regulations, too many regulations for a hobbiest to track. I'd suggest moving to social media platforms, but it seems the platforms' owners can put the burden on their users...somehow.


I will miss this. Thank you for reading, sharing, & returning.


I've wondered about copyrights & online content for awhile now. It's obvious that one can copy a publically-shared file from a distant server to your personal computer; that's just how the internet works. But what can you do with that shared file after you download it? Where does the implied license end? With that in mind, I've created a more explicit license:

You may download the comic to your personal computer, but you may not republish or print the comic.

Republishing includes, but is not limited to:

-Uploading the comic to another server (Facebook, another comic site, your BBS, etc.)

-Printing the comic & giving it away

-Downloading & emailing the comic

Note that there is a code under each comic you can use to share it; that code creates a link back to this server. You don't need to republish the comic to share it.

And in the U.S. Fair Use creates certain exceptions to these rules, for reviews & the like. Just don't go overboard, copy 50 pages, add one comment, then call it "educational" or a "review," ok? ;)

Please note that these terms may chance at any time, & it's your responsibility to review them for changes.