Comic 15 - Space Roanoke #5
5th Jan 2019, 7:24 AM
Space Roanoke #5
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Three Astronauts Explore a SPACE ROANOKE

They find records which may tell them what happened. Paper Records.

B3: (shouting) Hey! Hey! I found it!

B3: No. Never mind.

B3: Hey! Hey!

B3: No, that's not it either.

(C2 & A1 look annoyed.)

(A1 holds up a rolled-up sheet of paper)

A1: Here. This could be something...

(They unroll the paper. It's a map of the surrounding countryside.)

B3: Caves?

A1: He thinks they could hold breathable air & wants to explore them. We might as well try there.

C2: But how do we get there?